December 26, 2023 - Raw Blogs

My interaction with people is very low. Its not because I have an attitude or because I am an introvert and I am afraid of communication. I don’t really get it. I usually don’t feel like talking. I fully respect the person in front of me; I can easily sell anything or make the person in front of me engage in the conversation. But I really don’t know why I just keep my distance.

I think the habit of keeping distance from people makes me who I am today. My mind is totally empty. I don’t have any people’s thoughts on my mind. I usually forget about people very fast. It’s not like I don’t want to remember them. In my life, I never forced anyone to stay in a relationship with me. And never stop anyone from forcing me to fall into a relationship. I am neutral. I will not reject or accept. For me the future is already written. If some forceful relationship makes me change my character, I will accept or reject that, depending on the circumstances. But I really enjoy this neutral life where I don’t have to think about anyone. I can easily vanish and come back. The solo journey makes me stronger day by day. It feels like no emotions are available here on this journey for this sailor. In a simple word, my emotional software is outdated, and I don’t think there is anyone on earth who can update it or have outdated emotional software like me.

Late-night Raw thoughts. (I don’t know what I am writing.)

Dated: 26-12-2023 (12:30)

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