December 26, 2023 - Raw Blogs

Lacking Emotions?

My interaction with people is very low. Its not because I have an attitude or because I am an introvert and I am afraid of communication. I don’t really get it. I usually don’t feel like talking. I fully respect the person in front of me; I can easily sell anything or make the person […]

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November 18, 2023 - Raw Blogs

Sometimes a near-death experience is all you need to realize that it’s so easy to quit. ” Kaal Uska Kya Bigade Bhakt Jo Mahakal Ka “

Dated: 18 nov 2023 (10:12am)Slipped and crashed at 114.Reason: emergency break for some pups. So, check this out – got a buzz from the delivery guy at 10 am sharp. Upgraded my credit card, and today’s the D-day. Problem? I’m crashing at a different spot, 10 km away from where the card is landing. No […]

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