March 13, 2024 - Future Projects Project Details

First, I was thinking of naming the service-based business Jwala Services.

But now it seems like I made it look more focused on the brand, Jwala. 

As service-type businesses are not just made for handymen but can be broad, I decided to change the name and my ideology for this company.

First, I was thinking of forming a company named “Jwala Services,” which will be a platform to hire handymen. But I realize it will be so specific to certain service types. 

Now I realize I should make this business more broad in the Nepali marketplace to help the service provider community. If I make it specific to “Jwala Services,” it will just be dedicated to handymen that can do the work of plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. But it will be so specific and might not be able to help the Nepali community as much as it is capable of in real life.

New Name, New Concept.

The new brand name for the service provider business is NavaSewa.

NavaSewa will be a platform where multiple types of services can be registered. There are no certain limitations on the service types that can be listed in NavaSewa. “Jwala Services” will be registered in NavaSewa as a service provider to serve the Nepali community with high-quality services related to plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. through their network. Similary, NavaSewa will try to add as many as possible popular and respected service providers from all over Nepal. 

“NAVASEWA” in the starting phase will be running as a part of Jwala Shop & Serivces Pvt. Ltd.

but in the near future, once the growth is seen, NAVASEWA will be a separate company. 

But still, NAVASEWA will be an umbrella company of Jwala Corportations. 

Why under Jwala Corporations, and why not solo? 

I do not want to charge any charges to the service providers. I want NAVASEWA to be a free app as a gift from me. It will promote the service providers and surely help Nepal grow. I am planning to make the NAVASEWA app free for both providers and customers. NAVASEWA will be a loss-bearing company. If NAVASEWA stays under the umbrella of “Jwala Corporation,”  all the losses will be covered by “Jwala Corporation.” So indirectly, it’s a gift.

Brand Name: Navasewa


At Navasewa, we believe in the power of innovation and dedicated service. Our brand name is a fusion of “Nava,” representing innovation and newness, and “Sewa,” signifying service and assistance. Together, Navasewa embodies our commitment to providing fresh, innovative solutions with a focus on dedicated service.

What Navasewa Stands For:

  1. Innovation: We are dedicated to bringing new and inventive solutions to address your needs.
  2. Service Excellence: Navasewa reflects our commitment to providing top-notch services with a focus on your satisfaction.
  3. Dedication: Our brand name signifies our dedication to serving you with passion and commitment.

Why Choose Navasewa:

  • Fresh Solutions: Expect innovative approaches tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Service Excellence: Experience high-quality services delivered with utmost dedication.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize your needs and satisfaction in every service we provide.

Join us at Navasewa and let innovation meet service excellence for a seamless and dedicated experience tailored just for you.

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