November 18, 2023 - Raw Blogs

Dated: 18 nov 2023 (10:12am)
Slipped and crashed at 114.
Reason: emergency break for some pups.

So, check this out – got a buzz from the delivery guy at 10 am sharp. Upgraded my credit card, and today’s the D-day. Problem? I’m crashing at a different spot, 10 km away from where the card is landing. No sweat, told him to hang on for 10min, geared up in record time.

Saturday morning, remote road, and I’m blazing at 110+. Living on the edge, right? Out of the blue, bam! Three pups decide to play chicken with my bike. Emergency brake, swerve, and a heart-stopping moment. Managed to keep it together, saved the furballs, but my bike took a beating.

Hustled to the nearest repair joint, left the bike, and the mechanic hooked me up with a ride home. Quick pit stop at the med shop, grabbed bandages like a superhero, patched myself up back home. Close call, yeah, but you know what they say – sometimes you need that adrenaline jolt. It won’t slow me down, but damn, it’s a reminder that someone up there’s got my back when things get wild. 🏍️✊ Stay fearless, my friend.

“Kaal Uska Kya Bigade Bhakt Jo Mahakal Ka”

Damn what a wild ride. 🖤

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Thank god there was no any serious injuries! At the end there will always be mahadev 🙏 on your side and praying for fast recovery.


Maine kha tha mere se seekh le driving 😂

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